Kajsa Blomberg

Kajsa Blomberg represents the business interests of illustrators, authors, artists, animators and other creative talents. The combination of a legal background and extensive commercial experience in the media and entertainment industry makes Kajsa a valuable partner for broadly positioning creative talent in the market. After an international career at Universal Music in London, she has been working as an independent agent since 2006.

Kajsa has a large network in the cultural sector, the media, entertainment and the book industry. With her surprising perspectives and original ideas, she continuously sees new opportunities to develop talent in a positive and profitable way. Moreover, her approach is 'no-nonsense', clear and positive. Kajsa thinks in a connecting way, outside the established paths and from the heart.

"From a young age I have always loved people who can create something unique, who make something from the heart, whether it be music or a work of art. I am so grateful that I have been able to combine my passion with my work and help creatives  to focus on what they can do like no other."

Where focus goes, energy flows

In 2022 she founded Blomberg Gallery, with her sister Birgit Blomberg. This online photo gallery is dedicated to the work of their grandfather Rolf Blomberg. Via www.blomberggallery.com and Instagram they share the black and white photos of Rolf Blomberg, a Swedish documentary maker, writer and photographer (1912-1996). His oeuvre consists of 35,000 photographs, taken with a Hasselsblad camera.