freelance illustrator

Gozde Eyce

Gozde is a freelance illustrator and picture book maker, originally from Istanbul, based in Rotterdam. She has completed numerous projects for kids including children’s books, editorial illustrations, kids apparel designs, and workshops. Her passion lies in creating a colorful, imperfect world for children where they can truly be themselves.She is working with digital mediums for her work.

Sustainability and equal living are her driving forces. Collaborating with outstanding NGOs and publishers like Justdiggit and Unicef, she has produced beautiful books aimed at reaching enthusiastic children. With over 50 book projects under her belt from various locations worldwide, she recently launched her inaugural Domestika course focusing on creating fun and versatile children’s book characters.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, she finds solace in yoga, the melodic tones of neoclassical piano, and the boundless inspiration provided by the sky.

On her Instagram account “The Moody Society’, Gozde shares her mindful illustrations.