Eva Gans

‘I like to present the world from my perspective. With only a few lines, I expose the small traits that make us human. Every minute detail is vital to the image as a whole.’

It is almost impossible to supress a smile at the sight of Gans’ work. With one line she tells a story or an anecdote, inspired by her playful perspective on the mundane.

Her work is described as follows: Gans’ work has an impressive light-heartedness to it. With a single, deliberate stroke of a pen she captures the world around her with a remarkable eye for detail. Colour, object, posture; she is able to find the essence of that which she draws, thus reaches the audience directly. Her vitality and cheerfulness jump off the page in both an uplifting and moving experience for the viewer.

Eva is an autodidact. After a year at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam she developed her own style (and decided to pursue a career in illustration). Aside from her own work, Eva also draws commissioned pieces for individuals and businesses like logos, illustrations, wall-paintings and greeting cards for weddings and births.

Eva made animated videos, especially for ‘Seniorentelevisie’ (television for seniors). Thijs Borsten produced the wonderful music that accompanies the video. Click on the image below to watch it on Vimeo.

© photo Hermance van Dijk